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The Coolest Cocktails

If you’re not a regular reader of The Tasting Panel Magazine, let me clue you in on a recent contribution from our friend Natalie Bovis Nelson. In her article “Chillin’ in L.A.” Nelson explains that the key to a stellar cocktail—aside from the obvious collection of top-notch ingredients—is the ice. Average cubes found in freezers or restaurant icemakers only detract from a drink: melting too quickly, watering down and practically warming up a finely crafted cocktail. Over the last few years, mixologists and bartenders have started to pay more attention to this often overlooked component, and some have even seen it as a business opportunity. Névé Ice has created three distinct shapes of ice, each a few cubic inches, to suit both glasses and shakers. Their larger shapes have less surface area than your everyday ice and keep your drinks colder, longer. It also adds an instant conversation starter to any cocktail hour. Grab some Dixie cups (and filtered water) and chill!

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