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Spring Time in Tokyo

Yesterday, Tokyo looked like a Godzilla attack was imminent. The sky was shades of brown, green and yellow. I checked into the PRINCE PARK TOWER HOTEL, a pretty nice 600-room skyscraper in Minato-Ku overlooking Shiba Park. Dinner at the very good hotel sushi bar was over $150 for one for a meal that might have cost $60 in Los Angeles. The breakfast buffet, the next morning was on the 33rd floor. It was amazingly good with a view to match.

Everything is very orderly in Japan. No one seems harried or in a rush. They stand patiently in straight lines to board the trains. The trains are on time to the minute. At Tokyo station we waited outside the car while little ladies in pink jumpsuits thoroughly cleaned it with feather dusters. Then they put freshly laundered white linen liners on the headrest of every seat.

The answer to the baffling question: why do so many Japanese walk around with white hospital masks over their faces? No: it’s not because they’re afraid of germs. No: it’s not because they have a cold and want to spare their fellow countrymen from being exposed. No, it’s really quite simple. It’s springtime and they’re trying to avoid getting hay fever. Didn’t anyone tell them about Claritin?

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