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Picnic Time

Picnics are summer. However it can be challenging to lug around bottles of wine, and someone always forgets the opener. Solution: there are quite a few boxed wines around that are actually drinkable these days. Bandit Wines by Rebel Wine Co. are not half bad. The wines are packaged in what looks like a grown-up’s version of a juice box, and come in either 500ml or 1 L. Both are priced under $10. I enjoyed their Pinot Grigio - juicy with some sweetness and racy acidity. Bota Box produces 3L boxes, a little less convenient for picnics, but wonderful nonetheless. Try their Old Vine Zinfandel, it’s smooth with juicy plum and black raspberry. An extra bonus to buying boxed wines is that their packaging is generally made from renewable materials so you can contribute to the eco-friendly cause while drinking.

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