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Matter of Size

Everybody knows the standard wine bottle is 750 milliliters. But what about all those other sizes? The most common is probably the half-bottle which I’m always glad to see on wine lists because they’re good for people who dine alone. If you buy half-bottles for home use, don’t keep them too long; they don’t age well because of the high oxygen to liquid ratio. By the way, some people refer to half-bottles as "splits," but technically splits are quarter-sized bottles that hold 187 milliliters--the kind you get when you order wine on an airplane. Double-sized bottles are known as magnums and are prized by collectors. Even larger size wine bottles have impressive Biblical names: the Jeroboam, the Rehoboam, the Methusaleh, the Salmanzar, and Balthazar, and the Nebuchadnezzar. The gigantic Melchior holds 24 standard bottles, or 18 liters of wine. Certainly makes me reconsider the phrase "bottoms up."

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