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Salty Snacks

Purveyors of potato chips, time to rejoice. Those seeking solace in comfort food during the recent recession have turned, in great numbers, to salty snacks. The potato chip market has grown 22% during the economic downturn. Viewed as a “good value,” chips, and other savory bites like tortilla chips, popcorn, and cheese crackers, help hungry kids and adults stave off grumbling stomachs in between meals nearly every day of the week. But this isn’t to say that snackers are leaning exclusively toward deep-fried and unhealthy edibles. Two out of every three adults say they’re interested in “healthier” snacks, including whole grain and baked alternatives. But the survey may also warn not to focus too much on health: buyers think “low fat” and “low sodium” foods don’t taste as good.

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