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Apple Season

Produce departments across the country are overflowing with fresh apples this month. Aside from tarts, pies, Brown Betties, and cobblers, what can we do with these multi-tonal jewels? The industrious can take to juicing the fruit, and blending it with other juices, like white grape, for sweet refreshers. Dicing and sautéing the apples with a bit of cinnamon makes them the perfect companion to pork loin. The sweet flavor of the apple flesh makes a wonderful compliment to curry—serve with couscous or quinoa, golden raisins, and some curried chicken for a spicy dinner. Or if you’re really just in the mood for some simple, savory lunch, head to the stovetop for an inviting grilled cheese—with addition, of course, of sliced ham and slivers of sweet apples.

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