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The Manliest Cupcake

If frothy confections with flowery sugared decorations are leaving you craving a less frou frou and more masculine dessert, try beer-flavored cupcakes for a testosterone twist on the delicate delight. Cakes and icings are made with different kinds of brews, leaving each infused with a distinctive malty flavor. I tried an array of offerings from Cacao [CO-COA] Bakery, an online operation run on the platform. They sent me one Guinness cake, one flavored with Newcastle Brown Ale, a Blue Moon cupcake, and a tart Mike’s Hard Lemonade cake. Each aromatic treat had a distinctive taste, with a density and character that reflected each of the namesake brews - a definitely sweet, but assertively manly, treat. For more information, visit and search C-A-C-A-O. You won’t be disappointed.

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