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Satisfying Soups

Chicken noodle, tomato, maybe the occasional Italian wedding—by now, you’re sick of soups and the tinny taste that comes with the usual pre-packaged winter standby. Canned soups are a last-resort lunch for most people, or a side to a more satisfying sandwich. But The Culinary Institute of America recently released an updated and expanded second edition of The New Book of Soups. Chock full of stews, creamed soups, bisques, chowders—even cold soups if you’re daring in this climate—nearly every simple-to-follow recipe is accompanied with a mouthwatering photo in simple presentation. There’s nothing daunting about these recipes—even those for the “accompaniments” in the back of the book, such as delicious biscuits, noodles, and gnocchi. The New Books of Soups is published by Lebhar-Friedman and lists for $35

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