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Southwestern France

Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Loire Valley—these are the celebrity regions of French wine. But Southwestern France has an amazing wine history, outlined in the new book from Paul Strang. Entitled “South-West France: The Wines and Winemakers,” this is an encyclopedic and in-depth look at the unique and astonishing array of grapes that come from Southwestern France, or the area between Bordeaux and the Spanish border, from the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean. Wines in the region are made from such interesting varieties as Malbec, Tannat, Cinsault and even Chardonnay -- the book also features beautiful photographs from Jason Shenai, engaging the reader, and potentially spurring a rise in visits to the region. Listing at $45 from University of California Press, “South-West France: The Wines and Winemakers” by Paul Strang is available at bookstore and online.

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