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If pouring over the websites of Godiva, See’s, and especially the offerings in drug stores, has left you wishing you could just whip up your own batch of chocolates, you’re in luck. There is now a way to do just that, brought to you by two German chocolate geniuses. Chocri, C-H-O-C-R-I, and its website, is a user interface that helps chocolate lovers everywhere put their best bar forward without even dirtying their hands. Starting with a base of dark, milk, or white chocolate, browse their selection of 80-plus additions, spanning nuts to dried fruit to spices like chives and fennel; if glitz is your thing, add flecks of real gold. Add five flavors or toppings to your base, but be judicious—these bars aren’t budget, with 3.5oz bars starting at $8 delivered. Visit to explore.

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