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Beacon Beefsteak

If you’ve been to Beacon Restaurant in the past decade, you probably know about Beefsteak. This 19th century style food extravaganza is part Chef and Co-Owner Waldy Malouf’s celebration of Fat Tuesday, and part community outreach. Next Tuesday’s dinner requires 6,000 pounds of Certified Black Angus Dry-Aged strip loins and copious amounts of seafood and meats, this is a commitment to good times, neighborly love, and more than a little debauchery, due to the healthy presence of Maker’s Mark bourbon. Don your butcher apron and hat and dig in with your fingers—we’re all friends here. And diners enjoying the $175 prix-fixe Beefsteak dinner with bourbon and beer donate to Green Chimneys, an organization devoted to serving children with emotional, behavioral, social and learning challenges. For more information, call Beacon at 212-332-0500.

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