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Lucky Irish: Corned Beef

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, normally a day for celebrants to overindulge in cheap, green-tinted beer. My palate doesn’t care for lagers laced with chemical dyes, so I’m going to try a recipe for Corned Beef & Cabbage in Ale from the Global Gourmet ( Take 3 pounds of corned beef and 24 ounces of brown ale; place in a slow cooker & add 2 carrots, 12 small potatoes, 4 small, quartered onions, 1 teaspoon dry mustard & some thyme to taste. Fill with water to cover and simmer. When veggies are tender remove and set aside; add quarters of one small cabbage, cook to tender, then remove. When beef is tender, return veg to the pot and reheat. Serve beef with additional spicy mustard, covered with broth and vegetables. This is classic, and delicious, Irish eating.

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