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Wine Temperature

Serving wine at the right temperature is an important issue. I don't know how many dinner parties I've been to where the chardonnay arrives ice cold (closed down and tasteless), while the cabernet feels like it's been stored behind a hot water heater. Whites should be cool – 45 minutes in a cold fridge or 10 minutes in an ice bucket, filled with ice and water, should do the trick. Don’t let the whites get ice cold. Reds should be served at cellar temperature, not room temperature – around 55 to 60 degrees is about right. You can buy a wine thermometer if you want to get really nit-picky about it, but there’s really no need for such a scientific approach. Simple common sense will work just fine. Just remember: any wine, white or red, should be refreshing to the palate. It can’t do that at 75 degrees.

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