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The giant sawdust dry hunks of cookie that have been passing for biscotti for the past few years have gotten me to avoid that fine confection for a while now. Flavors have become Americanized, I guess, with sweetness becoming overpowering and the cookie’s traditional delicate nature thrown by the wayside. But now, there’s Leslie’s Famous Biscotti, an LA-based company selling thin and absolutely delicious, tradition-inspired biscotti. Chef Leslie McKenna combines gourmet flavors elegantly, for cookies like Chocolate Seduction Spice and Cranberry Mandarin Dream. The cookies are handmade and contain absolutely no butter, and the icing toppings are skillfully added, making these biscotti quite beautiful and a great presentation, too. For more information, visit Lesliesfamous If you’re going to eat a cookie it might as well be a good one.

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