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Truffle Cheese

Truffles - the fungus not the chocolates - have a magical ability to transform any dish. And while truffle oils and truffle salts are affordable substitutes, there is a better way to satisfy your lust for luxury - truffle infused cheese. Predominantly imported from Italy, truffle cheeses are made from leftover nibs and bits of truffles, and infused with truffle oil and aromatics. A few of my favorites are Italian Sheep’s milk cheeses, Cacciotta ai Tartufo and Pinzani, and Perigord Truffle infused Brie is decadence in a rind. Also try Sottocenere, an Italian cow’s milk cheese aged in ashes, and Boschetto, a beautiful sheep and cow’s milk blend with black and white truffles. If you are interested in LA’s best selection of truffle infused cheeses, stop by the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills.

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