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It’s grill season

One of the uses of your grill that you may not have suspected is for grilling fruit. Yes, you heard me right: fruit. Peaches, bananas, pineapple, lemons -- all these are excellent candidates for grilling. You probably won’t want to make a meal from grilled fruits, but they make a fantastic and unusual accompaniment to grilled meats. While you’re cooking steaks or pork chops at the center of the grill, use the edges to slow-grill the fruit. Or put chunks of fruit onto skewers with cubes of meat for barbecuing. Bananas or plaintains can be left in their skins and peeled after their cooked; they work great with beef. Thick lemon slices brushed with olive oil and grilled are fantastic with fish. Figs are my favorite; their luscious sweetness is perfect with pork.

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