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Just the basics

There’s some basic stuff about cooking that always seems to get lost along the way. Not too many Americans could probably describe the physical differences between a sauce pan and a saucier—or why you should use one over the other. I’m grateful Grand Central Publishing has released 101 Things I learned in Culinary School from Louis Eguaras and Matthew Frederick. Frederick is an architect and designer who launched the 101 things series of books last year. Eguaras is the chef in question—a former White House chef to be specific. Eguaras goes over basic pots and knife skills, as well as simple rules like “Rice: the Shorter, the Stickier,” or how to arrange a buffet. These are great, solid basics in a fabulous, no-frills form. 101 Things I learned in Culinary School is $15 in stores and online.

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