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Here come the biodynamicists.

Biodynamics is catching on in American vineyards. For years the French have been advocates of this earthy, holistic approach to winegrowing, based on the teachings of Austrian educator and thinker Rudolf Steiner. But now Americans are getting on the biodynamic bandwagon in a big way, especially here in California. Benziger Winery in Sonoma has three certified biodynamic vineyards, and other wineries such as DeLoach, Beckmen and Quivira are using the techniques. While some people think that biodynamics borders on a cult – planting with cycles of the moon, burying horns in the vineyard and other seemingly weird practices – according to Mike Benziger it’s really about getting back to vineyard authenticity. It gives you a sense of awe for how nature works, he says, and fosters a responsibility to the earth. The bottom line? Biodynamics seem to make better wines.

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