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Get a jump on your day or night.

Energy drinks are rarely beverages one gets excited about. Sure, they provide much-needed boosts to get through a day, but they’re not exactly produced in the most palatable flavors. But blend their energy-giving powers with some well- brewed java? Well, that’s a drink that will put spring in your step. Try the Whynatte, an absolutely delectable canned coffee beverage with a spike of taurine. Not only will the caffeine brighten your eyes, but the taurine will help combat long-lasting sleepiness. The brew has no tinny taste, like many canned coffees, and the consistency of the 100 calorie drink is milky and refreshing, even without refrigeration. It’s a great base for coffee-flavored cocktails as well. A pack of six, eight-ounce cans is $12 plus shipping, at

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