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Great advancements in Grape Jelly

Just in time for back to school, there’s a new premium grape jelly on the market, from the French gourmet foods company, Bonne Maman. Distinguished by their trademark gingham-checkered lids, these hefty jars of jelly and jam contain little more than fruit, sugar, lemon juice, and fruit pectin, making them simple and delectable fruit preserves, that taste absolutely classic. Their new grape jelly is made in France from Muscat grapes. Each wide-mouthed jar contains 13 ounces of fruit preserve for easy scooping and spreading, and retails for about $5. And if classic grape jelly isn’t enough to fulfill your family’s sweet tooth, try their other amazing flavors, like strawberry, fig, apricot, plum, blackberry, black currant and peach. For more information visit

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