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Apartment dwellers, meet your new grill

Though it’s probably expressly forbidden in their leases, a lot of apartment dwellers have shimmied a Weber charcoal grill onto their miniscule balconies and patios here in LA. The taste of the great outdoors is fantastic, but why give up your entire outdoor space for the sake of grilled meats? Enter the Balcony Railing Grill, available from the German lifestyle website, LIVINGTOOLS.DE. The slim grill is made of steel and adjusts to fit over nearly any balcony railing (I suggest NOT mounting it on wood or anything combustible, though). Toss in a few briquettes and add the proper grill top, and you’re cooking up your burgers, and eating them, on your de-cluttered and quite inviting apartment balcony. The Balcony Railing Grill at LIVINGTOOLS.DE is approximately $100—and well worth the investment.

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