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Cooking Thanksgiving dinner?

I’m a Thanksgiving traditionalist. I endorse the classic harvest feast of roast turkey, corn bread stuffing, giblet gravy, and cranberry sauce. I also urge you to buy a fresh killed bird. Turkeys that live into the cooler fall weather are firmer and more flavorful. Frozen turkeys, packaged in the summertime, start out flabby, then lose whatever tone they had when they’re defrosted. In fact, you could be getting a turkey that was stored in a commercial freezer for a year. Frozen birds look good because they’re corseted by plastic wrap into a shape they just don't have. That subcutaneous basting "butter" injected into the turkeys is, in reality, only vegetable oil. Read the label. Add to this the inevitable water loss from defrosting, and you have a tasteless, dried out end product. So get a fresh turkey if at all possible.

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