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Hot Chocolate Bar

There are chocolate bars—known as guilty confections picked up at grocery store checkouts—and then there are HOT chocolate bars, like the one taking hold of artisan chocolatier CHOCOLATE BOX CAFÉ in Malibu. Their delectable menu (kept secret until very recently) includes some gourmet and exotic twists on the wintertime classic. Take a sip of the Violet Beauregard—a violet and bittersweet hot chocolate, or sample the Spicy Latina—a chocolate drink featuring chili pepper and cinnamon. Each beverage is made from premium European chocolate, with a pop of one of 15 core flavors. A 12 oz serving is $3.50, or bump up to 16 oz for $4. So visit the Chocolate Box Café at the Malibu Lumber Yard—3939 Cross Creek Road. For more info, call 310-456-7977.

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