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Everyone needs a friend

Bartending and mixology is a really slick skill—the best way to become the life of a party, and everyone’s go-to friend. So learn the skill from an equally slick, and friendly, guide. Try THE BARTENDER’S BEST FRIEND, by Mardee Haidin Regan, $20 from Wiley publishers. This book features up-to-date recipes (because, yes, the recipes for mixed drinks do evolve), a companion website for up-to-date innovations, and (thankfully) a waterproof cover to protect this Bible of beverages from collateral damage. There are over 850 recipes to choose from, so you and your guests will never be without the perfect drink in hand. Pick up THE BARTENDER’S BEST FRIEND now, in stores or online. It’s a must for the extensive holiday party season.

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