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The Herbal Kitchen

Basil, oregano, parsley, even the spicy chilies. They all add flavor to our foods on a daily basis. But if you’re familiar with homeopathic medicine, you also know that herbs serve a purpose, in addition to upping the flavor of our food. The benefits of cooking with herbs is detailed in the new book THE HERBAL KITCHEN from Kami McBride, available now from Conari Press for $19. This cookbook includes over 250 recipes for herbal oils, vinegars dressings, smoothies and more, and an incredibly helpful glossary of herbs and their hidden properties. Turkey stuffing often contains sage, known to keep colds at bay; and ginger kills a pathogen found only in fish—which is why it’s in many traditional seafood dishes. To learn more about your food pick up THE HERBAL KITCHEN in stores or online.

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