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Know your sparklers

I’m not talking about the miniature fireworks banned in LA County. Champagne-like bubbly beverages grown outside of the namesake region of France can’t legally be called Champagne. But that doesn’t mean these sparkling wines are any less delicious - but often they are less expensive. “Cava” is a Spanish name for traditionally made bubbly, which comes in both white and rosé. Italian sparklers are often known as “spumante,” but specific styles include Prosecco and Asti. For red wine lovers, Italians even produce a ruby spumante. “Sekt” are German sparkling wines, usually made with riesling. American vineyards produce some amazing sparklers, with some of France’s most famed Champagne houses owning wineries in California, including Moët et Chandon's Domaine Chandon and Tattinger's Domaine Carneros. Try any of these options for a unique twist on a New Year’s tradition.

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