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The Swiss Army knife for wine connoisseurs

Sometimes, you just want one tool to do it all—for the sake of your busy schedule, or even just over-stuffed kitchen drawers. Consider your search over. A combination aerator, filter, non-spill pourer, and stopper, the Nuance Wine Finer takes the toil out of serving wine. Upon inserting the instrument into your bottle, the wine flows through 32 aeration vents and is then filtered through an inner stainless steel screen to remove any sediment and cork. The pourer catches any unruly drips, while the stopper keeps your wine fresh and full-flavored, ready to be enjoyed at your leisure. The size of a fountain pen, this multi-functioning tool is compact and dishwasher safe, making it a welcomed attention to any wine aficionado’s toolkit. Available at AMAZON and other online sites for $30. The Nuance Wine Finer.

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