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Barbeque Cocktails

Come summertime, steaks and burgers tend to steal the spotlight. But what about the cocktails that accompany them? They deserve their fair share of praise too. Here are a few tips to make sure that your BBQ cocktails also get some much-deserved lovin’. For starters, try barbecue sauce as Bloody Mary base—it will give an unexpected zing and is the perfect complement for BBQ fixins. Next, try throwing a few fruits on the grill. Pineapple, figs, melon and peaches are all ripe candidates for grilling and their smoky/sweet flavor adds a new twist to traditional cocktails such as the Pina Colada or to pitchers of sangria. Why not try that secret-family-recipe spice rub as a garnish for your libations for a burst of flavor? For more tips and ideas, visit

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