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Completely Addicted

Addiction. A word that automatically sends chills down spines and conjures less than desirable mental images. That is unless the addiction is to the new Bacon Crack from Nosh This. True, the name is unusual, if not a bit salacious, but once you taste this delicious and unexpected combo, you’ll understand why these candy squares are, in fact, purely addictive. Bacon Crack is made with thick-cut bacon smoked over real applewood chips, toffee made from Gilt Edge Creamery butter, organic California almonds, and dipped in E. Guittard’s Coucher du Soleil chocolate. This mélange of high-quality ingredients has created an ultimately seductive secret treat—one that you’ll be hesitant to tell your family you indulged in.  The salty/sweet combo makes these nibblers irresistible and will get even the most straight-laced of partakers strung out. Available at $10 for a box of 4.

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