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Edible Flowers

Stretch your edible garden past fruits and veggies—did you know you can eat some beautiful flowers, too?  Lavender has long been consumed as an herb—in it’s dried form, it’s mixed in with oregano and rosemary in Herbs de Provence.  But you can also eat several other flowers.  Delicate squash blossoms are filled with ricotta or fried for a treat.  You can also eat violets, calendula (more commonly known as marigolds), day lilies, and young dandelions. Some of these flowers are even more delicious when candied or coated in sugar. Just remember, though: Not every flower is edible, and you should NEVER consume a flower that might have been treated with pesticides.  Remind children that the flowers on their plate are a treat, and flowers in the garden are best left alone.  You can pick up edible blooms at a specialty markets, like Whole Foods, or online.

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