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The Vinturi Spirit Aerator

In the post a few days ago, Anthony spoke highly of his experience with the Vinturi wine aerator.  In addition to the three wine aerators offered by the company, Vinturi also offers an excellent option for spirit aficionados: the Vinturi spirit aerator. Inventor Rio Sabadicci started out as a spirit drinker, as he mentioned in his interview with Anthony Dias Blue for the national radio show, Blue Lifestyle.  You can listen Anthony's interview with Rio here. Prior to discovering aerated wine, Rio was, as he says, "Just fine with Dewar's and water."

But since discovering the world of fine wine aerated with precision, no one is surprised that Rio also fashioned a high-tech aeration option for distilled spirits.

"I'm really amazed with how effective the spirit aerator is," Anthony mentions.  "Though it can be used on all spirits, it has a noticeable impact on aged spirits like Scotch, Cognac, and Bourbon."

The Vinturi Spirit Aerator is dedicated to enhancing the notes of your chosen spirit.

"It's really been designed for a serious spirit drinker," Anthony continued. "The integrated measuring device on the aerator is very convenient, as is the mechanism that holds the spirit in the bowl of the aerator.  With the push of a button, the spirit is released, and you hear the distinct sound of bubbles flowing through your spirit.  It's great."

Anthony mentioned that during the 2011 Tasting Panel Tour in Orange County, he pulled aside a "major gin producer" and asked him to do a taste comparison.  Tasting his San Francisco World Spirit Competition Double Gold award-winning gin straight from the bottle and through the Vinturi Spirit Aerator, Anthony noted that the producer was, "Amazed by the difference.  He noticed the real impact."

The Vinturi Spirit Aerator is available on the Vinturi website for $39.95.

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