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One mono-syllabic word can throw even the most dedicated spirits aficionado into a tailspin: SCOTCH.   More accurately, the malt whisky that has been perfected by the Scottish people over generations.  For those curious and needing a primer, I heartily recommend MALT WHISKY: THE COMPLETE GUIDE by Charles MacLean, who has been called Scotland’s leading whisky writer.  The book is revised, updated and completely redesigned to make it a portable and knowledgeable companion for any whisky tasting session.  What is especially important?  MacLean has updated all of his tasting notes for the book, for all of the available expressions from Scotland’s key distilleries.  This is an invaluable resource.   MALT WHISKY: THE COMPLETE GUIDE by Charles MacLean is available now from Mitchell Beazley, in stores and online for just $20.  It’s a must-have book for any whisky drinker.

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