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Cheers to Good Karma

“What goes around, comes around.” An adage that has long been linked to good deeds and careful decisions…not necessarily tequila. But once you take a sip of the velvety smooth Karma Tequila, you will instantly be ordering another glass to help rack up good-person points.

I was fortunate enough to attend Karma Tequila’s Press Dinner at Firenze Osteria in Toluca Lake to experience this phenomenon firsthand. Now I don't know if I would necessarily consider myself a "tequila-sipping" kind of girl, but I did just that with Karma's Blanco expression and found myself loving it more and more with every smooth and sultry sip.


Take a look at the fabulous spread offered at this one-of-a-kind dinner:


Executive Chef Fabio Viviani (L) and Mixologist Jacopo Falleni (R) of Firenze Osteria worked together to craft all five delectable courses, the flavors of each entrée and cocktail perfectly complementing each other. At least one ingredient in every course was also incorporated into the partner libation, enhancing individual flavors and unifying the flavor profile.


The first course featured savory Grilled Homemade Toscana Bread with Smoked Speck, Eggplant and a sweet and tangy Balsamic Glaze.


Our first drink was the Karmati Cocktail, a tangy cocktail with bold notes of citrus and grapefruit that featured Karma's silver expression, Aperol,  St. Germain and grapefruit juice.


The second course featured Trofie Pasta with rich Wild Mushroom Burro and Pecorino Cheese.


This accompanying cocktail was the Ginger Pomegranate Karmargarita, a masterful blend of Karma Silver, Triple Sec, pomegranate juice, ginger syrup and lime.


Roasted Citrus Branzino on a bed of roasted vegetables comprised the delicious third course.


The Karmacole cocktail was the perfect creation to accompany the sea bass. The earthy flavor profile was compliments of Karma Silver, mango liqueur, Triple Sec, avocado, basil leaves, orange, lime and simple syrup.


The Grilled Pork Tenderloin was marinated overnight in Karma Tequila, giving it a delightfully smoky flavor and enviable tenderness.


The Tranquility Karma Cocktail was light and balanced with cool cucumber and fresh crispness. A creative interpretation of a tequila cocktail, this Tranquility Karma is the perfect drink for a summer afternoon with Karma's Silver expression, Triple Sec, pineapple puree, sage, lemon and cucumber.


The dessert course featured a stunning Tequila Zambaione with Fresh Berries and Bombolini.


Our dessert cocktail was a Balsamic KarmaMartini with Karma Silver, vanilla liqueur, simple syrup, strawberries, lime and balsamic vinegar that was the perfect balance of alcohol, sweetness and tart.

Not only did the amazing fare warrant Firenze Osteria a venerable place at the top of my "Must-Return" list, but the extraordinary smoothness of Karma's tequila and the brilliant flavors of fresh agave would make a tequila believer out of anyone. Without a cringe or pucker in sight, I see a promising agave future ahead, filled with plenty of good Karma.

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