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The domestic season for Haas avocados is just beginning, but avocado aficionados can relax year ‘round. All winter it’s been Mexican Haas avocado season. Mexico is the largest Haas avocado producer in the world. In fact, the avocado was discovered by the Spanish conquistadors in Mexico in 1518, and then introduced to the rest of the world. The Aztecs even ate one avocado dish that would be familiar to just about anyone today – guacamole. The Aztec version combined mashed avocados with native onions and tomatoes.  The Haas avocado came along later: it’s actually a hybrid that was first cultivated in the 1920s. If you buy Haas avocados when they’re still firm, just store them at room temperature and they’ll ripen in about a week. Avocados are loaded with protein and are a great source of energy.  

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