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One of my favorite dishes to put out is Gravlax.  It’s a Swedish method for marinating fresh salmon at home.  Take 3 ½ pounds of fresh salmon fillet, cleaned and scaled, a center cut with skin on.  Remove any bones carefully with tweezers.  Place half of the fish, skin side down, in a glass or enamel baking dish that fits the filet snugly.  Chop 1 large bunch of fresh dill coarsely and spread it over the fish.  Mix ⅓ cup coarse salt, ⅓ cup sugar, and 2 tablespoons of crushed white peppercorns and sprinkle evenly over the fish.  Top with the other half of the fish, skin side up.  Cover the dish with heavy-duty foil.  Find a plate, a cutting board, or something else that fits the inside edges of the dish.  Weigh down the board with heavy cans, books, or rocks.  We use a foil-wrapped brick.  Put the dish in your fridge.  Every 12 hours, turn the fish over, spooning the liquid in the dish between the two sections of fish.  Continue this procedure for 72 hours. When ready to serve, remove the fish from the dish, removing the dill and marinade and pat dry.  Slice the salmon across the grain with a sharp knife, detaching each slice from the skin as you cut.  Serve on slices of pumpernickel bread with a mustard dill sauce.

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