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Amour: Cafe au Lait

Epicurious has some great food and cocktail ideas tailored to this year’s Best Picture nominees. While they have a menu for all nine films, I’ll share with you a few selections—sorry, they’re probably a bit biased to my favorite films. And for help staying awake as the show inches into the late hours of the night, whip up a Café au Lait for a jolt of caffeine, inspired by the French film Amour. In a medium pan over low heat, heat 4 ½ cups whole milk until bubbles form around the edges. Whisk to form frothy bubbles. In an insulated coffee carafe, combine milk with 4 ½ cups freshly brewed strong coffee or espresso. Serve with condiments, such as ground cinnamon, vanilla beans, sugar, honey and strips of orange and lemon zest.


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