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Kombucha Tea

Healthy, delicious and affordable is a killer combination. TheBu’s new line of sparkling kombucha organic teas fits the bill on all three accounts. Inflected with premium probiotics and low sugar formulation, TheBϋ Kombucha harmonizes with the body, helping it do its job of strengthening the immune as well as maintaining healthy digestion. For the weight-conscious, TheBϋ Kombucha has only three grams of sugar per serving, so you may sip without the guilt. Flavors of the low-calorie drink include melon, tangerine, tropical and lavender. Kombucha drinks are generally known to have a sour, oftentimes bitter or unpleasant aftertaste. TheBϋ, however, has refined the taste to appeal both to mainstream tea drinkers and those slightly pickier. Fresh, carbonated, organic and low in calories, TheBϋ Kombucha is available for purchase online and in stores for $2-$3. For more information, please visit

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