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When Life Gives You Lemons

Good lemonade is hard to come by. It’s either too sweet or blisteringly sour, and most times, completely artificial in taste. Introducing a special family recipe, the people at Limonitz bring us sparkling mint lemonade. The key to tasty lemonade is keeping it simple. Limonitz does just that. With water, organic lemon juice concentrate, organic cane sugar and natural mint extract, the slightly carbonated beverage gets its freshness most likely from what is does not have: no food coloring, no preservatives, not even added vitamins. It’s the real deal.  My favorite part? Limonitz makes for a great natural cocktail mixer. It goes particularly well with tequila, gin and vodka. Enjoy your lemonade with some mint and sparkle, available for purchase online and in stores for $2 a bottle.

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