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Calabrian Food

The food of Calabria reflects the many cultures that have imprinted the region’s traditions. From Arabic and French to Spanish and Greek influences, it’s no surprise that Calabrians take such delight in their indigenous cuisine. Tomatoes and eggplants hold critical spots in many Calabrian dishes. Swordfish, the region’s staple fish, is wildly popular, and the simple Sajuca bean is so good it’s celebrated in a festival every August. Farmland is scarce in Calabria, but every viable plot is cultivated. As Vino California kicks off today, and will be highlighting famous Italian food and wine regions, I encourage you to get a taste of Calabria. Include asparagus, artichokes, melons and citrus fruits into your Calabrian-inspired meal. And don’t forget to incorporate Focaccia bread. For more on Calabria, visit

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