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What Should I Grill?

As I’ve mentioned earlier this week, May is National Barbecue Month – time to start grilling. There are so many things you can cook on the grill. Chicken is wonderful, but don’t cook it over too hot a fire or too close to the coals. Remember: “Easy does it” with chicken. A whole leg of lamb can be turned on the spit or it can be boned, butterflied and marinated, then grilled Greek style. Practically every cut of beef can be grilled – steak, hamburger or London broil. Pork is also perfect for the grill. Chops, ham steaks and especially spareribs are ideal. Seafood is also terrific. Flaky fish has the tendency to stick, so it should be well-oiled and cooked over moderate heat. Shellfish is great over a moderate fire with plenty of basting butter.

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