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French White Burgundy

The vineyards of Chablis lie far to the northwest of other famed Burgundy appellations, such as Montrachet and Meursault. Chablis is closer to Champagne and Paris than to the appellations of the Cote d’Or. But Chablis may well be the purest expression of Chardonnay made in France. The steely, unaffected style of these wines allows the varietal character of the grape to sing out unrestrained. Together with the cooler climate, it’s the geology of Chablis that contributes to its unique style. The soil contains billions of tiny fossilized oyster shells, so it’s probably no coincidence that Chablis is an excellent match for oysters. The wines are crisp and minerally, the perfect complement to seafood. Be sure to look for real French Chablis; the American or Australian imitations are usually not even made from Chardonnay. 

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