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Blond Chocolate – The Silky Realm Between White and Milk

Wafting through my house is the heady aroma of Valrhona’s Dulcey Blond Chocolate Bar. The toasty, subtly sweet dessert had a happenstance birth. When the director of Valrhona’s chocolate school accidentally left some white chocolate in a bain-marie to melt, a beautiful bouquet resembling roasted Breton shortbread lingered, and blond chocolate was born. The warm-colored chocolate has a velvety, smooth texture, and hits you with distinctive notes of creamy butter. Dulcey melts in your mouth, gradually giving way to the pronounced taste of shortbread with a pinch of salt. This artisan chocolate is crafted with complex, balanced flavors, and pairs beautifully with Banyuls – a dessert wine from the Roussillon county of France. Valrhona’s Dulcey Blond 3 ounce Chocolate Bar is available for $8 online at

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