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Spike Your Pops

If you Pinterest, you already know all about poptails – the cocktail popsicle. Inspired by the delicious trend, Laura Fyfe narrates the lively Poptails cookbook, highlighting Over 40 Alcohol-Infused Popsicles, Ices and Slushes. In 10 quick minutes, Laura remixes the gin and elderflower refreshment into a Gin Zing poptail. Add cucumber to the mix, and freeze for six hours. True to its name, it zings with freshness. The Strawberry Cosmopolitan is a quintessential summer delight! The strawberries are crushed rather than blended, which gives the muddled dessert a satisfying texture. Infused with honey, whiskey and ginger beer, Bees Knees is the perfect accompaniment to your next garden party. It’s incredibly simple to make, and gives the perfect buzz. Laura Fyfe’s Poptails: Over 40 Alcohol-Infused Popsicles, Ices, and Slushes is available online and in stores for $13.

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