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Feeling Cheesy

While enjoying a ripe hunk of cheese alongside baguette slices, fruits and a chilled glass of white wine, the intricacies behind the milk-based fare we love so much can often get ignored. Sasha Davies, with David Bleckmann, share their expertise in The Cheesemaker’s Apprentice. They begin with basics: ingredients, equipment, taxonomy, techniques and process. Alongside each recipe, from fresh cheese to washed curd, are interviews that highlight the microbiology of cheese and reveal tricks of the trade. My daily diet religiously includes slivers of Comté, one of the most treasured cheeses of French gastronomy. Made in the Jura in Eastern France near the Swiss Alps, Comté is a Gruyere-style firm cheese with a subtle and elegant nutty flavor. Get insider’s knowledge of your favorite cheeses in The Cheesemaker’s Apprentice, by Sasha Davies and David Blechmann, available for $25.

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