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Learn to Cook Confidently

It seems as though people everywhere are pressed for time, especially when it comes to cooking.  After a long day, standing over the stove, particularly if you lack cooking confidence, can seem dreary or daunting or both.  Joanne Weir, award-winning cooking teacher, TV personality, and author of her cookbook, Cooking Confidence: Dinner Made Simple, understands.  Joanne has a passion for simplified gastronomy, making culinary undertakings an activity in which anyone can enjoy.  Cooking Confidence has 100 recipes that are fast, easy, and pretty good.  While a baby spinach and gruyere soufflé sounds gourmet and time-consuming, Joanne Weir offers approachable step-by-step instructions.  Whether it’s confidence with a knife that you lack, or are just in a hurry, check out Joanne Weir’s Cooking Confidence, available online and in stores for $25.

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