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"Seed" Your Soul

Many associate the word “chia” with the fast-growing novelty plant of the 80s, but most people don’t know much about the actual chia seed that started it all. Mamma Chia and its family of healthy, organic chia seed drinks hopes to change that. Aztec warriors are rumored to have chewed chia seeds as they went into battle for extra vitality. Now, centuries later, Mamma Chia offers beverages and squeeze packets that take hold of all the seed’s natural health benefits. While an excellent source of fiber, protein, and omega-3, the beverage is not the easiest to swallow. But don’t let the strange texture throw you. Mamma Chia aids with digestion and increases energy and strength. Skip the coffee. Energize yourself with the 100% organic beverages, available in grocery stores across the country.

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