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Bridge the Gap Between Food and Drink

Bridge the Gap Between Food and Drink Just like a really good chef, a thought-provoking mixologist considers sensitivity of the mouth and the way that flavors work. Mixologist and author, Tony Conigliaro, goes beyond in The Cocktail Lab. Constantly seeking new ingredients, methods and processes to release, revive and reinforce flavor, Tony indulges the science behind dynamite cocktails. Les Fleurs du Mal literally translates to the flowers of evil. Emulating history, absinthe is paired alongside rose vodka, and famously represents the contest between beauty and darkness. Then there’s the Gonzales, inspired by perfume. Daring to separate tequila from lime, Tony gives the spirit’s honey and caramel notes some attention. Garnished with a lemon twist, this fragrant drink is terrifically intoxicating. Navigate your way through the classics and spins with Tony Conigliaro’s The Cocktail Lab, available for $30.

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