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A Healthy Snack

A Healthy Snack I have been in the business of food and drink for a long time, and I almost never come across tasty, healthy snacks. Skinny Crisps comes pretty close to the perfect combination. Gluten, dairy and soy free, Skinny Crisps are vegan, low-carb chips that are seasoned with wholesome flavors. Including almonds, chickpea flour, golden flax seeds, sea salt and sesame seeds, among other nourishing supplements, Skinny Crisps offer a toasty texture ideal for spreads and cheeses. If you’re a savory person, try the onion or seeded crisps. There is some dairy in the cheddar topped cheese crisps, but they’re worth the small indulgence. For those of you with a sweet tooth, don’t miss the cinnamon crisps. They make a delightful snack with afternoon tea. Skinny Crisps are available for $6 a bag at

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