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German Beer

German Beer Oktoberfest is traditionally a period at the beginning of the month, but Americans who have appropriated the celebration consume German food and beverages for the full four weeks. When drinking some traditional German brews, do you know what you’re ordering? A Pils is a classic lager that American beers emulate. It’s named after the Czech city Pilsen. If you’re looking for lighter brew with bready notes, try a Hefeweizen—and don’t let the murkiness daunt you. That’s where a lot of the flavor lies. A Märzen is a malty drink that is most commonly associated with Oktoberfest. These beers may take some getting used to, as they have a good measure of bitterness. If you want to jump on the bacon-lover’s bandwagon, try a Rauchbier. Smoky and dark, it tastes like the much-adored pork treat.

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