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The Restaurants that Shaped America’s Culinary Culture

The Restaurants that Shaped America’s Culinary Culture Trendy, new restaurants are great for birthdays and date nights. But if you really want a taste of rich American culture, look no further than Rick Browne’s book, A Century of Restaurants: Stories and Recipes from 100 of America’s Most Historic and Successful Restaurants. Rick profiles the oldest restaurant in the U.S., from White Horse Tavern in Newport, Rode Island, which served hungry folks Stewed Pompion in 1673, to eateries like San Francisco’s The Tadich Grill, which has seen six devastating fires and three major earthquakes. Rick also collects extraordinary historic recipes from his 46,066-mile journey across America’s food scene. From Cole’s Potato Bacon Salad in Los Angeles to the Lobster Newburg at Delmonico’s Restaurant in New York, Rick doesn’t miss a beat. Don’t miss A Century of Restaurants for $40.

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